Have you heard about Lammily?

This is awesome! :) If you were playing with dolls as a child, and if you were a Barbie doll fan like me, have a look, because here comes the big change!

The classical Barbie dolls we know cause a lot of controversion among society. There are opinions saying they negativelly influence children image of human body because of their abnormally made proportions. Lots of people have been calling for change, however, it is the artist Nicolay Lamm, who we can thank to for it. Meet Lammily! :)

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To hear something about the influence of  Matel Barbies watch:


Best gifs ever :)


People judging others - weight stereotyping

quote: “Weight is one of the last acceptable prejudices.”  
Rebecca Puhl, Ph.D., survey author for the magazine

Hi guys! :) Today´s post correlates a little with the previous one (check it on this blog below ;) ), because it deals with weight and the body shape. It is not my intention to write a series of articles about one topic or anything, but I can´t resist to not write about this short article, which informs about a survey done among more than 1,800 women ages 18 to 40. Moreover, it is followed by this great picture:

No doubt, there exist discrimination against over-weight or havier people and I personally have already read many articles about that. Nevertheless, the picture here made me think, that not only larger sizes cause critical thinking in people´s minds. Surprisingly, even a perfect body is a sign for negative prejudices about your personality in someone´s eyes. It is about making assumptions. Look at the picture closely- isn´t that interesting? :)

What is also very interesting are the comments under the magazine´s article. Go through them, if you want, there are plenty of great ideas and observations. Here are few of them that caught my attention:
  • "It makes me sad that women judge each other on their physiques, in a way that we would never judge a man." written by ruthieovertherainbow
  • "Judging others is truly a reflection of the pain and insecurities of the person making the judgment rather than the one being judged." written by TracieMB
  • "Everyone is human with genuine feelings that effect self esteem and daily life." written by andreboot
  • "I hope all of you ladies have an amazing day and the only lite that you need to concern yourself with is the one coming from your heart."  written by TamarisDawn
  • "Maybe instead of holding a fat person's hand and sympathizing with how mean people are, your should tell them that they're not healthy, people suck and to get over it... I don't feel sorry for the people in this article; they need to wake up and look at themselves, and realize that their current weight will lead to heart disease, diabetes, and a shortened life span." written by bvickery
  • "Walk with your head up and know inside you are being who you want to be, and F all those other people." written by Dedge
  • "...I AM intelligent and charismatic, though I constantly hear comments such as with your body you should just become a stripper or why bother with school when you can find a rich man to take care of you?..."  written by zippyk 
OK, what are your opinions? ;) See you :)


How to talk with your daughter about the body shape -> opinion

 How to talk with your daughter
about the body shape
The body shape is really a big issue for almost every woman in the world... Well, that is definitely a strong statement for the beginning of this article :D However, I am not afraid to mean it. From my own experience, even those women who keep saying publically they are not interested in their body and appearance, secretally are, in fact. Maybe it is simply a part of our nature - to care about other people´s favour. Yes, at one point we want to be independent, self-confident, strong individuals, but on the other hand, we want other people to like us. I think, what we all can agree with is, that a huge part of our identity has been shaped on the opinions of others.
Mother-daughter talks have been difficult for me, sometimes :) Although there were times my mother and I did not get on well , I am glad and grateful for all the million of topics she has communicated with me. Some of our conversations were the examples of wrong discussions and wrong way of treating a daughter, but so what? :D Finally, I find myself having quite a well-grown confidence, so there is no problem with few steps aside of my mum´s talks. I believe, there are mothers, the perfect ones, who can serve as the examples of sensitive psychologic terapists for their daughters every single time. One day, I would like to be such mother, too, but honestly - how can I learn that? How can I be perfect and avoid mistakes, when the only method of learning I can see, is right in the middle and during the mother-caring process? :D No, I am lucky I have recognised some of my mum´s mistakes and vice versa, she gave me plenty of good examples, how to make the mother-daughter talks.
The article I want to make a review for, offers some of very apt recommendations. Mainly the ones suggesting mothers should encourage their daughters to make sports and to emphasize the inner qualities concerning with their characters. I totally agree with these points: 
  • "Don’t you dare talk about how much you hate your body in front of your daughter..."
  • "Remind your daughter that the best thing she can do with her body is to use it to mobilize her beautiful soul."
  • "Buy healthy food. Cook healthy meals". 
  • "Teach her about kindness towards others, but also kindness towards yourself."
  • "Don’t comment on other women’s bodies."
  • To praise your daughter´s look, say these sentences: "“I can see how happy you are – you’re glowing.”, or “You look so healthy!”" instead of commenting her appearance or her body.
Still, the last two points need a little clarification, I think, because the original article offers a different message than I´d like to say. The author of the article I am reviewing, is for avoiding judgments about your daughter´s body shape at all. I do not agree with that so strictly. Reasonable and spontanneous joy of looking good cannot be so harmful, or not? The golden rule for everything is - do not exagerrate anything. That´s the key, from my point of view ;) The same it is with nice selfless comments on other women´s bodies. Other situation is with negative comments on other women´s bodies. That is the thing I really hate hearing from my mum, and I am for vanishing of those stupid and evil behaviour symptoms.

I hope this article brought you some new points to think about and I would like to know your opinion about the whole issue! ;) See you :)


DIYs again ;)

Hi guys! :) 
Today I came across another really nice DIY projects I have to share with you ;) 
This is the first one:

Please, visit : to see the project in closer detail ;) 

Ladies know, that little buckets are always useful for lipsticks, nailpolishes, for some jewelry or even other lady treasures ;). If you can work with a sewing machine with a zig zag stitch, this wouldn´t be a problem for you to make.

The second project offers other for-home idea. However, this one can be used as a real piece of furniture. I find this project totally amazing - check it here:
It is a bucket ottoman, wow! :)

Alright, take some inspiration if your out of money but your apartment needs some refreshment ;)
Enjoy the summer! :)


What´s in my beach bag :)

True story! These items were carefully chosen from the Polyvore list to copy my real items I take to the beach this summer ;)


Summer time, finally! :)

Again, I´ve just found a super-lovely DIY project I simply have to share with you, guys. Summer time brings us sweet beautiful flowers with rich blossoms and colours. Let´s decorate our apartment with such an amazing component ;) This is a perfect idea for coffee lovers, have a look:
Yes! This decoration is made from coffee filters, good guess :) I think, it looks wonderful!

Here, I add also my DIY necklace. You can take inspiration from my last post here on this blog ;)

And finally, lavenders in the kitchen :)